The Great Boudhanath Stupa Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa

The Great Boudhanath Stupa – Best Places to visit in Kathmandu

The great Boudhanath Stupa is about 6-7 km North East from the center part of Kathmandu valley (Ratna Park). The sumptuous Stupa of the great Boudhanath Stupa is 100 ft. in diameter, 141.16 ft. in height and one hector in width. The area of the great Boudhanath stupa is about 6,756 sq. meters. It is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu valley. Peoples from all over the world come to Nepal to visit this Stupa. It is strongly believed that the great Boudhanath stupa was built during the end period of Kashyapa Buddha and at the beginning period of Shakyamuni Buddha.  Buddhists believe that the relics of Kashyapa Buddha, the third Buddha of Bhadrakalpa, was enclosed in the dome of the Boudhanath stupa. This stupa is also known as the mind nature of the Buddhas, which is three times the past, present, and future. It is also called the Bodhi Stupa or the Stupa of enlightenment.

boudhanath stupa

It is one of the largest and most important Buddhist monument in the world which is also known as Jhyarung Khashyor. It is cultural, religious and archeologically very important for Hindus and Buddhists. UNESCO  enlisted this great Boudhanath Stupa on world heritage in 1979. After that, this stupa has become one of the common monument for the people all over the globe. Nowadays it is the main destination for pilgrims from Tibet, South-East Asia, Eastern Asia, and the Himalayas. It is the main center to worship and to studies in Kathmandu.  This Stupa deserves conservation and protection for the benefit of all people around the world because it has a great Universal value. It is believed the person who resides around the stupa will never suffer from famine, hunger and unfavorable conditions.

For more Information Visit the official website of Shree Boudhanath Area Development Commette

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