Gadhimai Festival- The Festival of Sacrifice- Festivals of Nepal

Gadhimai temple festivals of nepal

Gadhi Mai

Introduction of Gadhimai Festival

Gadhimai festival is the festival of sacrifice which is celebrated in Mahagadhimai Municipality in the Gadhimai temple in every five years. It is one of the Biggest festivals in Nepal. The temple is located in the south-central part of Nepal about 7 to 8-hour drive from Kathmandu. The Mahagadhimai municipality is located near the border of Nepal and Bihar(India). The world’s biggest animal sacrifice is conducted at the Gadhimai Temple in every 5 years during the festival. You can visit the temple on any day throughout the year but the main festival is the Gadhimai festival.

During the festival, animals are sacrificed with the hope that the sacrifice will lead to the fulfillment of wishes by the goddess Gadhimai. The Gadhimai ritual begins with Pancha Bali i.e. with the sacrifice of five animal comprising a goat, a rat, a rooster, a pigeon, and a pig. It was estimated that about 3000,000 to 500,000 male animals were sacrificed on the day of the festival.  Only the male animals are sacrificed in the Hindu religious festival. During the festival, it was estimated that about 5 million people visited the Gadhimai temple during the festival.

Gadhimai temple festivals of nepal

History of Gadhimai Festival

About 260 years ago, Bhagwan Chaudhary, a feudal landlord was imprisoned in Makawanpur Jail. Bhagwan Chaudhary in the prison dreamed that all his problems would be resolved if he made a blood sacrifice to Goddess Gadhimai. Goddess released Bhagwan Chaudhary from the prison by making all the guards sleepy. Immediately after his release from the prison,  he went to a local village faith healer for a advice, where Dukha Kachadiya, the healer’s descendent, started the ritual with drops of his own blood from five different parts of his body. Then when the light appeared in the earthenware jar, the ritual of the sacrifice began and till now the ritual is celebrated as a festival of Gadhimai.

Rules Against the Sacrifice

Most of the animals were imported from UP and Bihar, States of India but in the year 2014, the government of India banned the export of animals (especially the male Buffalo and the male goats(BOKA)) for the sacrifice during the Gadhimai festival. So the pilgrims from India who promised to sacrifice the male animals had to buy animals from Local villages of Nepal. All the sacrifice is done in two days. It means that about 300,000- 500,000 male animals are sacrificed in two days. That’s why the festival is also known for its highest number of Sacrifice in the world.  This ritual is condemned all over the globe and the animal rights activists are fighting against it. After many files against the sacrifices, the government of Nepal ordered the management to manage the sacrifice in a proper way, and no photography and videography will be allowed in the upcoming festival.

How to get to the Gadhimai Temple

If you are trying to get to the Gadhimai Temple from Bihar then you can take a guide from local people or you can visit firstly Birganj and then Kalaiya and finally to the Temple from Kalaiya. There are many other routes to get to the temple. Prefer your best route.

If you are planning to get to Gadhimai Temple from Kathmandu then you can get Night Bus and Tata Sumo from Kathmandu to Birganj or Kalaiya. If you prefer Night Bus then you have to pre-book your ticket and if you prefer Tata Sumo then you can get it from Balkhu, Kathmandu.

If you are planning to visit the temple from any other part of Nepal then you can get the bus to Birganj and from Birganj, you can get a bus to Kalaiya and from Kalaiya you can get Auto Riksajs and Bus to Gadhimai Temple.

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gadhimai temple festivals of nepal

Dates of Gadhimai Temple

The festival of Gadhimai temple is celebrated every five years according to the Hindu calendar. The next festival is going to be celebrated on 3rd December of 2019 A.D. Last time the  Gadhimai  festival was celebrated in Nov 27, 2014.



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  1. Liz K.

    I am happy to learn that the sacrifice wasn’t actually outright banned like some are claiming. Hindsight being 20/20, photos and videos should have probably been banned awhile ago.
    I hope that people do not succeed at preventing the Goddess Gadhimai from receiving what has been rightfully promised to Her.

    1. Renata Galgo

      Hey Liz, you’re one sick person. Maybe you should offer yourself as a sacrificial lamb since you approve of this barbaric event.

  2. Sapna Pandhi

    Shame on u.u r expecting blessings of goddess by sacrificing innocent animals.I advise u to read Geeta where Lord Krishna had condemned animal sacrifice.

  3. Diane

    Shame on you Liz for supporting this brutal festival where innocent animals get tortured. How would you feel if it were cats, and dogs would you still support it

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